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We Provide Solution for Air & Water Pollution

M/s. ecoicons, a Hyderabad based company, was established in the year of 2012 with a vision to develop and deliver innovative, scientific and cost effective solutions for pollution generated by human (domestic) as well as various industrial activities by Research & Development.
M/s. ecoicons has founded by C.Venu Gopal, a post graduate (M.Sc.) in Environmental Sciences – Eco Technology and Post Graduate Diploma in Quality Control and Quality Assurance from University of Hyderabad (Central University), Hyderabad with 17 yrs of experience in Environment, Health & Safety field.
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Solution for Air & Water Pollution

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Our Aim

M/s. ecoicons aims to achieve Clean and Green environment by working together with the citizens and industries in and around the world in a scientific approach to mitigate and eradication of pollution.

M/s. ecoicons aims to find practical solutions for pollution in the environment and for environment protection and management i.e Air, Water & Waste water and Soil pollution generated by humans and industries, Eco-regeneration of degraded areas, management of plastic wastes, bioremediation of contaminated sites etc. through Research & Development.

M/s. ecoicons enables theoretical knowledge into practice and the multiple uses of environment by teaching/training the citizens and industrial personnel the need for sustainable utilization of resources as these resources are inherited from our ancestors to the younger generating without deteriorating their quality. We motivating the students and industrial personnel to get involved in community action, and to participate in various environmental and management project.

Our Mission

M/s. ecoicons make the citizens and industrialists competent to do scientific work and to find out practical solutions to current environmental problems. The citizens acquire the ability to analyze the environmental parameters like the aquatic, terrestrial and atmospheric systems and their interactions with the biosphere and anthrosphere by educating and training them to save the biodiversity and species extinction.

M/s. ecoicons enables one to evaluate alternative systems/technologies before deciding an alternate course of action by identify and develop appropriate indigenous eco friendly skills and technologies to various environmental and pollution issues.

M/s. ecoicons enables the people & Industrialists to understand the complexities of the environment and need for the people to adapt appropriate activities and technology to pursue sustainable development, which are harmonious with the environment.

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